Repeat one. Done right.

The pitch.

The “repeat one” feature of every music player out there can be smarter and more customizable.

We originally created Perpetual for the gamers of the world who want to experience modern game music like it was always meant to: an endless experience. That said, the possibilities are (possibly) endless.

Loop anything, no, loop everything in a compact, easy to use interface.

We’ll eventually be on the Mac App Store, but there will be an alpha and beta period before then to make sure our entrance is awesome.

Want in? You know what to do.

A landing page? This isn't a landing page!

Patient visitor is patient! I'm already working on the app on my free time, which leaves me with... not much. The proper eye-popping and jaw-dropping landing page will come when Perpetual's ready for primetime. Until then, you'll have to settle with the fact that I just wanted a place for an email form.